Once your current investments have reached their maximum growth potential, it’s the right moment to broaden your horizons. Take advantage of our lender network to access affordable financing and fuel your expansion.

Your Real Estate Advantage

Expand your range of assets and increase your potential for earning by acquiring new real estate properties. Owning multiple investment properties enables you to diversify your sources of income. We will facilitate the connection between you and the necessary financing for purchasing new properties, bridging funding gaps, and carrying out renovations for resale. We provide financing options to small businesses that have previously been denied real estate funding. Even if your current business credit falls short of your expectations, we offer a variety of solutions tailored to your needs. Every day, we collaborate with small businesses with diverse objectives and requirements. Our adaptable financing options are designed to accommodate your unique circumstances.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Investing in commercial real estate offers numerous advantages when compared to residential real estate investing. There are several example benefits to consider, including the ability to generate consistent income over time, the option of triple net leasing which minimizes expenses, and the straightforward and transparent pricing structure. Moreover, investing in commercial real estate allows you to pursue various strategies such as leasing properties to tenants, utilizing the property for your own business, and diversifying your investment portfolio, all while potentially enjoying tax benefits.

To help you achieve your investment goals, our team is committed to assisting you in evaluating important factors such as your business credit, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), and Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. By considering these factors, we aim to optimize your chances of securing the loan you desire. Whether you are interested in financing retail centers, apartments, warehouses, or offices, each of these commercial properties can contribute to your asset portfolio and generate a steady income stream.

Hard Money Loans

There are various benefits to investing in commercial real estate compared to residential real estate. Some advantages include the ability to generate recurring income, the option for triple net leasing, and transparent pricing. By investing in commercial real estate, you can lease the property, utilize it for your own business, and diversify your investment portfolio while also potentially benefiting from tax breaks.

Our team will assist you in assessing your business credit, debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio to increase your chances of securing the desired loan. You can finance retail centers, apartments, warehouses, and offices that generate income and contribute to your overall assets. Furthermore, if you intend to occupy the property with your own business, owner-occupied financing is available at attractive interest rates

Subdivision Loans

Subdivision loans provide developers with the necessary financial resources to acquire raw land and transform it into a construction-ready site. These loans enable the entire process, from parcel allocation to the installation of essential utilities like electricity, water, and sewer, as well as the construction of roads and driveways. The objective of subdivision loans is to empower developers to improve their local area and contribute to its development.

However, embarking on subdivision projects entails certain risks. The value of properties, demand for housing, and preferences for specific types of neighborhoods, whether urban, suburban, or mixed-use, heavily rely on prevailing trends and lifestyle choices, as well as the available options in the market. Our approach involves working closely with you to address these risks by carefully considering your business plan, the amount of investment capital at your disposal, and leveraging insights from lenders to mitigate potential challenges.

Land Loans

Land loans enable businesses to acquire undeveloped land for the purpose of constructing a commercial building or utilizing it for business needs. These loans are particularly advantageous for businesses or individuals seeking to obtain the land immediately, either for current use or to retain it for future construction.

For numerous businesses, the expense of procuring a completed property is excessive, or the properties currently available on the market do not meet their specific business requirements. Due to the potential appreciation and market factors, constructing a property from scratch often proves to be more economically feasible and offers better opportunities for designing a layout, incorporating desired amenities, and implementing cutting-edge technology within the final property.

SBA 504

SBA 504 loans provide favorable terms and rates for businesses aiming to achieve business development objectives such as job creation, technological access improvement, diversification of the workforce, and implementation of energy-efficient sustainable technologies. These loans specifically cater to the financing needs of land acquisition, construction of owner-occupied properties, and procurement of high-value business equipment.

What sets SBA 504 loans apart is their administration through a Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization authorized to disburse loans that contribute to regional development objectives. These loans are subject to long-term monitoring to showcase their effectiveness, but this aspect does not impede developers who recognize their enduring benefits.

SBA 7(A)

SBA-supported 7(a) loans serve as the lifeblood of the small business economy. These loans receive partial backing from the SBA, reducing the risk for private lenders and resulting in lower interest rates for businesses. The 7(a) program offers a wide range of funding possibilities, including land, construction, property acquisition, equipment, and even working capital. Each loan is customized based on its specific purpose and supported by a comprehensive business plan and financial forecast.

Due to the meticulous nature of these loans, Capital Consulting Group collaborates with business owners to access SBA-supported financing. From the initial interview to the closing process, we streamline the procedures, leading to quicker loan closures and minimizing inquiries. Discover the available options for your business today.


We provide a wide range of real estate financing options through our network of lenders. Regardless of your business size or credit situation, we are committed to assisting you in expanding your investment portfolio and increasing your real estate income. Contact our brokers today to explore the available options.


Frequenty Asked Questions

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In most cases, you must use a percentage of the property to house your business. The SBA requires you to utilize at least 51% of the property’s available space, not including utility closets, crawl spaces, or wall interiors. Requirements can vary by lender, so ask us about owner-occupied financing today.

LTC stands for Loan-to-Cost and it’s an important part of underwriting. LTC is the loan amount divided by the project cost. If you buy a property and renovate it for a total cost of $200,000 and your loan is for $150,000, your LTC is 75%. A typical LTC is 80% or less.

Commercial properties are typically real estate designed to generate profits for a company. Examples include apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, retail centers, and warehouses that bring in regular income from tenants.

To apply for an SBA loan, you have to apply through a certified lender that has arranged with the SBA to offer special rates and terms. You can go through a private lender or Certified Development Company, depending on the type of loan you want. We can help you navigate the SBA loan process and see if you qualify before you apply.