Reduce the expenses of your funding and unlock additional working capital for your small business. Our assistance can aid you in escaping costly loans and accelerating the repayment of debts.

Your Debt Restructure Advantage

It can be challenging to conduct business without accruing debt on your financial records. Financing serves as a valuable tool for acquiring real estate, equipment, and working capital. However, managing excessive debt can pose difficulties. Even an older debt can become burdensome if the interest rate you initially qualified for is higher than the current rates available. We provide a diverse range of solutions aimed at assisting small businesses in effectively managing their debt. Our offerings enable you to decrease your monthly payments, consolidate multiple payments into one, and reduce your overall debt by utilizing our restructuring plans. Allow us to support you in handling your business debt, enabling you to dedicate more time to the crucial aspects of your business.

Consolidation Loans

Are you facing the challenge of handling numerous debt payments every month for your business? Do you find it difficult to keep track of various interest rates and due dates? Simplify the process of repaying your business debts by consolidating them into a single loan. By consolidating your debts, you can streamline and expedite the management of outstanding debts for your business.

With a consolidation loan, you can repay multiple debts at once, resulting in a single, straightforward payment on a monthly or quarterly basis. Additionally, this new loan may even offer a lower overall interest rate, assisting you in paying off your debt more quickly. Allow us to assist you in evaluating the debt on your balance sheet and consolidating it into a convenient and efficient solution.

SBA Loans

Are you aware that the Small Business Administration provides loans for various purposes such as construction, real estate, and equipment? Well, here’s an interesting fact: you can also utilize an SBA loan for the purpose of refinancing. By utilizing the SBA 7(a) or SBA 504 loans, your business can refinance its existing debt, with the potential to have up to 90% of the debt refinanced by the SBA, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you can demonstrate that your current debt is burdened by unreasonable terms, your loan is not in default, and your business stands to gain significant benefits from refinancing, the SBA allows you to refinance eligible debts. To learn more about how you can qualify for refinancing through the SBA, feel free to contact us today.

Positioning Your Business For The Best Rates

Whether you currently require a small business loan or simply wish to prepare for future financial needs, ensure that your business is well-positioned to obtain the most favorable interest rates from lenders. Our team collaborates with a diverse network of lenders on a daily basis, granting us valuable insights into the factors influencing their rate-setting decisions for different borrowers. By working with our brokers, your business gains a significant advantage when seeking financing.


We will assist you in reducing debt, transforming short-term financing into long-term solutions, and strategically attracting the necessary funding for your business. When the time comes to finance your next project, we’ll ensure that lenders compete for your attention. Rather than waiting until the last minute, take the initiative today and commence the process of securing funding.


Credit Repair Activities

Dealing with business debt can be a daunting task, and anticipating every challenge is no easy feat. Unforeseen circumstances can negatively impact your credit score, even if they’re beyond your control. If your business credit has suffered, we are here to assist you in restoring it through a tailored financial approach.

While it may seem logical to pay off debts to enhance your credit, closing longstanding accounts or refraining from utilizing new ones can have adverse effects on your credit score. By collaborating with our team of debt management experts, you can discover the most effective methods for responsibly reducing your debt and boosting your credit score. Together, we will guide your business towards recovery from a troubled credit history.


While debt is an inevitable aspect of running a business, it doesn’t have to burden your operations. We are here to assist you in finding strategies to reduce your interest rates, improve your credit score, and attract potential lenders for future funding. Take the first step today and position your business to secure the most favorable loan rates in the future.


Frequenty Asked Questions

Whenever you require flexible and inventive financial solutions for your small business, we are at your service. Discover the possibilities we can offer you today.

It seems like paying off debt and closing your business’s debt accounts would be an ideal way to improve your credit. But can decrease your score because it lowers the amount of available credit you have. To learn other ways debt affects your credit, contact us today.

Some things that hurt your business can also hurt your personal credit score. It’s a good rule to keep your personal and business finances as separate as possible. Depending on the type of business you own and the type of loan you have, creditors can go after your personal assets if you fail to pay them.

Essentially, refinancing is the act of using one loan to pay off another. A business might do this if it has improved its creditworthiness and qualifies for a lower interest rate. This is different from loan consolidation because refinancing involves one debt while consolidation takes several debts and puts them into one loan.

Debt management describes how a business handles repaying the money it borrows. It involves reviewing credit reports regularly, making payments on time, paying strategically, and putting good practices in place. If you need to manage your business debt, give us a call to get started.